Changing keystore for android build not working

I had to reset the previous key on Google Play side and now I am trying to set it on my local on expo. However, when I try to upload my own keystore I get this error:
JKS Keystore entry does not contain a certificate, alias: 123456. Run this to find the available aliases: keytool -list -v -keystore [your-keystore-path].

When I run the command the key is there with the alias ‘123456’. Any ideas what’s wrong?

Having the same issue. Just imported upload certificate from play console app into my keystore.

same problem here.

How did you solve it ?
When I build the App with command

eas build --platform android

I get this very obscure error

Build failed: The alias specified for this keystore does not exist. Make sure you specified the correct value.

How did you solve ? Just as @pzenyday mentioned if I check my certificate the alias is right there…

can you share more information about how you have configured this?

Hello, If you are encountering the error message “JKS Keystore entry does not contain a certificate, alias: 123456” when attempting to upload your keystore on Expo, it suggests that the keystore entry with the alias ‘123456’ does not contain a valid certificate. Ensure that you have properly generated and included a certificate for the specified alias in your keystore. Double-check the certificate generation process and make sure the certificate is correctly associated with the desired alias within the keystore.