Changing computer : certificates / credentials

Hi everyone,

I will have to change computer soon and I am very afraid to do so :

Will I still be able to OTA update simply my existing app with my new computer ? Will I be able to create the new standalone build (both ios and android) using all the same certificates without any issues ?

Maybe everything will go smooth but I would really much like to be sure of the situation. I didn’t find anything in the docs relating to changing working environment and I would be more than glad to write an additionnal paragraph to the build docs about it if I could get the precise information.

Anyone already experimented changing work environment with a published expo app successfully ?

Questions are more or less :

  • Expo managed all my credentials, are they linked to the expo account or the computer ?
  • Is there anything linked to the computer that will cause a simple copy of project through github not to be enough ?
  • I had to create the push certificate both for dev and production for the App Store, now that they are created and up and going do I need to create new one from the new computer ?

Generally speaking I have a little hard time to understand the “magic” behing Expo managing everything and would be more than happy to understand more about it and then try to share the knowledge to add it to the docs.

Thanks in advance for any support.

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