Changes to app.json after detach - requires a "re-detach"?

Asking specifically about adding the new FB schema and FB ID app.json entries.

I have a detached app - published in Apple app store.

Updated to Expo SDK 24. That usually just requires updating app.json, package.json and some Podfiles. No problem.

But - the instructions for using FB (ads, auth) are to rebuild and resubmit on stand-alone projects. But what is process/requirements for already detached products?

Re-detach? Change something in the app’s Info.plist in Xcode?

May have answered my own question (or at least the pressing issue re: new FB requirements in app.json per this announcement:

On my previously detached app:

  • updated to the latest SDK (optional)

  • added the fields manually to my Info.plist from Xcode.



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