Changed app.json slug and Android build keys changed. Can I get them back?

After building our app a few times we realized we were using our internal build name burgertime for the slug in the app.json file.

After changing it to the real app name, awesome, it appears Expo issued a new security certificate and now the Play Store won’t accept the .apk file.

Here’s what our build history looks like.

Here is what the View Logs has for a slug on red build.

And here it is for the blue build.

Is there any way to sync the keystore back to the one generated during the burgertime slug build?

We have the Play Store entry, bundleIdentifier, and testers all set up on that slug. It would suck to have to do it all over again; forcing a changing our identifier which is what the Play Store says you must do if your certificates change.

Or, is something else wrong here? Maybe I misdiagnosed the problem.

Thanks you for any help!!


Hi @gollyjer - if you change your app slug back to the old one, you should then be able to fetch your old keystore from our servers by running exp fetch:android:keystore. Then, the next time you make a build with your new slug, just upload your old keystore (by using the exp build:android --keystore-path option). Hope this helps – sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks @esamelson!!
Should I do a build before fetching the keystore, or is simply changing the slug enough?

Never mind. Simply changing the slug was enough. Thanks!!

For anyone reading along.
I changed the slug in app.json and ran fetch:android:keystore.

This downloaded the .jks file and printed the following to the console.

Key Alias
Key Password
Keystore Password

Then I ran exp build:android --clear-credentials

This presented me with the option to choose

  1. Have Expo manage my keys.
  2. Upload my own key.

I chose #2, input the file location, and typed the Key Alias, Password, and Keystore Password.

After it finished I downloaded the .apk, uploaded to the store… and we’re in business!!

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