Change Label color of Drop down

I am new to React native and working on a project on that, I am using react-native material-dropdown for using drop down component .i want to change the label color of drop-down but i am unable to do it because i didn’t find label color property to change .could someone help me with this as the label is taking default color as black for the label text.

I tried giving these two styles also but it doesn’t work for me. Do anyone have a solution for that? Thanks in advance

Hi @nisha_nishu - have you tried looking at the documentation for react-native-material-dropdown? From a quick glance it looks like the itemColor, selectedItemColor, and disabledItemColor fields are what you need.

hii @esamelson
I have gone through the documentation clearly
i want to change the color of the label of drop down but not the colors of the items of drop down

For Example
placeholderTextColor = “#FFF
onChangeText={(height) => this.setState({height})}
data={heightData} />

In the above example, i want to change the color of the label "Height " but not the drop down items

Hi @nisha_nishu - maybe ask on the react-native-material-dropdown repo? We don’t use this library at Expo so we’re unlikely to know the answer :disappointed:

Did you try to use baseColor as described in their documentation? I hope that is what you are looking for!

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Tq @rauldeheer
I got the solution by adding these two lines to my code

style = {{color: ‘white’}} //for changed text color
baseColor="#FFF" //for initial text color


Thanks for ur time @esamelson i got the solution

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