Certificate error when generating ipa

I was confused about to use of certificates on Apple.

Hi. I’m a bit disoriented, can you help me?
Currently I have 3 applications in itunes store each with its own certificate.

I am trying to upload another application to the store, but it returns the following error:

11:49:11 [exp] Error while gathering and validating credentials
11:49:11 [exp] Reason: Unexpected response, raw: {“responseId”: “a4c30b94-0c9f-4a8d-b949-ac94279a722d”, “resultCode”: 7460, “resultString”: “Maximum number of certificates generated”, “userString”: “You already have a current iOS Distribution certificate or a pending certificate request.”, “creationTimestamp”: “2018-05-31T14: 49: 11Z”, “protocolVersion”: “QH65B2”, “userLocale”: " en_US “,” requestUrl “:” https://developer.apple.com/services-account/QH65B2/account/ios/certificate/submitCertificateRequest.action “,” httpCode ": 200}

If I go to developer.apple.com I see that it says the same thing:


App Store and Ad Hoc (Maximum number of certificates generated)
Sign your iOS app for submission to the App Store or for Ad Hoc distribution. "

My query is, can I upload many applications using only one certificate?

But is it the case, how do you proceed? I have to upload 11 more applications and I do not know how to do it.

Thank you.

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