Catch-22: Setting the Team ID for iOS App Building

1.) In order to build an app for iOS at this point to share it with others, EXPO no longer allows you to share it, so it’s recommending to create a standalone app to share via TestFlight.
2.) Creating an apple ID at is easy. Yea!!! Level unlocked.
3.) Installing the Expo CLI via ROOT, done!
4.) Running the command “expo build:ios” is where the catch 22 starts.

You want me to build an app for an application where I have to set a team id for the app in order to build it! Ok, Great! I’d love to do that. The only place that you can set the Team ID is on an app that’s already built.

Ok, so now my question is HOW THE FRAK DO I DO THAT given those circumstances ?!?!?!?!??!

As I understand it, when creating an app with the expo command line, it doesn’t create an iOS build, so I have to create a build of the app in order to build the app. Grrrrrr!

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