Capo Keys - A transposing tool for guitarists with capos

Hey Expo team and users :smiley:

Today I published my first application which I used expo to build on google play over here: Capo Keys - Google Play

Thanks so much to the team working on expo for helping me make this :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to developing more applications using expo!


Cool! Is there an iOS version or a plan for one? I’d love to check this out but don’t have an Android device. :slight_smile:

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Well… It is also published on the Expo app under my account :slight_smile:

I haven’t got a mac or iPhone unfortunately so I can’t publish to the iPhone App Store :confused:

One day when I get one I’ll be sure to port it :slight_smile: But yeah, I’ve tried to make as cross platform as possible for when I do get one so check it out in the Expo app under my account and give it a like :smiley:

Thanks for the enthusiasm, it means a lot!

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Just downloaded it on Android. Looks great!

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Thanks Jesse! Appreciate the feedback!

Could you leave a review for me? :slight_smile: It would certainly help out a lot :smiley:

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I’ve started a React Native Redux Tutorial which teaches you how to build this app :slight_smile:

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