Cant start my project in expo XDE

when I trying to open my project in the XDE I get the following errors:

10:41:35 PM
Error: Missing app.json. See
10:41:36 PM
Error: Missing app.json. See
10:41:36 PM
Couldn’t start project. Please fix the errors and restart the project.

How did you create your project and did it work previously?

It never worked
I browse the directory of the project and I get this error

Did you use create-react-native-app to create this project or XDE or something else?

I create an app with these commands:
npm install -g react-native-cli
react-native init ProjectNAME

and then I have installed the expo in this diredctory with this command:
npm install exp --global

Hi shlomo-

Try just creating a new project with Xde. Or use create-react-native-app. You can’t just use the RN CLI with Expo out of the box (at least not right now).

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