can't start expo on the device

I get the error:

“Something went wrong.
Could not load expo://192…:19000”

but i known that metro started in port 19002

Starting project at /home/bodymind/devel/wef-ar/testing/structured/expo-three
Expo DevTools is running at http://localhost:19002
Press d to open DevTools now, or shift-d to always open it automatically.

what is wrong?

I’m clearing the data of expo in my android device, because it hangs many times when downloading the bundle, loading all different libraries everytime i add something new with npm…

$ adb shell pm clear host.exp.exponent

Im using expo

$ expo --version

I deleted the node-modules directory… and installed everything again… seems it helped. but it takes time and consumes internet… im using limited 3G internet… :sweat:
How else more i can debug this ?