Cant run app outside of debug mode

I’ve entered a weird state where I repeatedly get this error while running outside of debug mode.

console.error: "There was a problem sending log messages to your development environment", { "line": 56755, "column": 38 }.....

If I turn the debugger on - this error goes away. This makes it nigh impossible to test without debugger on my device. I’m constantly interrupted by this glaring red error screen. I’ve tried restarting the package, closing the emulator, restarting my computer, reinstalling my node_modules. I’ve exhausted all ideas and any guidance would be appreciated, thanks ~

Same error, stacktrace in expo logs as follows:

Unable to symbolicate stack trace: Network request failed

Sorry about that, can you try deleting .expo in your project directory and restarting exp / xde?

So, I tried your suggestion @thetc, but to no avail. I also completely removed my repo an re-cloned, reset my device settings on the emulator. I’ve tried everything short of buying a new computer. Plz Haylp!

:frowning: Ok. Are you maybe running behind a firewall. Can you try turning it off?

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