Can't run Android Studio's Emulator due to "error running adb"

So, I am trying to test a pp I made on Android Studio’s emulator. I ran into some trouble since I am using a PC with an AMD processor, which Android Studio doesn’t like at all, but eventually, I managed to make it work.

The guide on how to run the emulator on Expo’s Documentation seems to be targeting MAC computers, so I am not sure if it quite applies to me. Every time I try to run the app I created on android, the same error returns:

“Couldn’t start project on Android: Error running adb: Failed to install C:\Users\Dionysius.expo\android-apk-cache\Exponent-2.12.2.apk:”

What should I do now? Is there a fix for it, or should I go for another emulator?

Update: I have cleaned up older versions of SDK Build Tools, according to a question on Super User who advised that, but all it did was add the second line in the log shown below., but it still returned the same error.