Can't resolve absolute imports (with TypeScript)


I’ve setup a basic Expo project with TypeScript and wanted to use absolute imports inside my src folder.
This would allow me to import Home directly rather than src/Home.

Normally, with TypeScript, I’d only have to change the baseUrl option in the tsconfig.json file, but it seems that Expo/Babel doesn’t take that into account. So I opened my babel config file (babel.config.ts) and tried adding a root property like so

module.exports = (api: any) => {
  return {
    plugins: [
          root: './src',
    presets: ['babel-preset-expo'],

But Expo/Babel still fails to resolve my imports. I’ve seen a couple of posts (1, 2) with people that had a similar issue but it seems that they all had to resort to using the alias option which isn’t optimal. I tried using alias and that did not work for me.

For now, I’ve resorted to creating a package.json file in the “src” folder and added {"name": "src"} so that the module src resolves to that folder. But TypeScript also needed an alias of its own in the paths section of the tsconfig.json. This is a really hackish way to do it :confounded:

So I guess my question is, is there a way to “fix” this issue and allow for absolute imports/path? (And ideally, make it work cleanly with TypeScript’s imports?)

Thank you


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