Can't login with Expo.Facebook.logInWithReadPermissionsAsync

no, that is not what he is implying. he is saying that you can verify that it works without the fb by doing that.

Ok, super, tested, working on web, that is not the point… The point is, native support on android still doesnt seem to work and lets not mingle our way on web when native doesnt seem to be working. That is not a solution, merely a cheap shortcut.

make sure you use the keyhash from the google play console if you are using app signing by google

Took SHA-1 key signing from google console, converted to base64 to get hash, inserted into FB settings, still experiencing same error.

maybe you could ask facebook what the reason is for the error, or they have some developer console to surface such things. sorry it is impossible for me to guess at what might be misconfigured

@hiti33 Did you find the answer? I am experiencing the exact same thing as you.

I’ve fixed this issue checking the permissions to get from user, before i have:

permissions: [


permissions: ['public_profile', 'email'],

when i removed the user_friends and user_location and just get the email and public_profile this seems to work well.