Can't get newly ejected app to start


I have an app that i need to move from managed to bare workflow due to some limitations.

I have followed along the short walkthrough on existing-expo-managed-workflow-apps.

I have tried running yarn android/yarn ios but it always result in the app getting stuck on the splash screen.
I have also tried manually starting react native with: yarn start and then starting the app in Xcode/Android Studio with the same result.
When i ran expo eject i got some warnings regarding “expo-camera”, “expo-image-picker” and “expo-splash-screen” but i fixed those.
Some things i have tried:

  • Changing ports on the server and client
  • Using a physical android device connected to the same wifi and via USB
  • If i start the app with expo start i got an error about some animation. I fixed that, and after, the app runs fine on the expo client.

When the app is waiting on the splash screen, and i press ‘r’/‘d’ in the bundler i get:

No apps connected. Sending “reload” to all React Native apps failed. Make sure your app is running in the simulator or on a phone connected via USB.
info Reloading app…

But if i shut down the react-native bundler the app will crash. So somehow they seem connected, just not fully.

When i run the app from Android studio i get some warnings in the logs, i’ll try to explain them as good as i can below.

First when i run i get this log link and i see this error Java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: library "" not found
So after some googling i find that i should try changing SOLoader to SoLoader.init(this, /* native exopackage */ true);
After that i encounter another error. link
Now i instead seem to get E/SoLoader: couldn't find DSO to load: result: 0 and i have yet to find a solution to that. I have gone through some issues on github (wasn’t allowed more than 2 links) regarding ./gradlew clean and some changes to android/build.gradle but no success.

But i get a feeling that when i find a solution to that something else will be an issue.
I am starting to think that i have done something wrong from the start. I have tried to start over 3 times now and i come to the same halt.

I have also tried starting it on iOS but with the same result. So i thought i would try and get android going first since i have more experience with Android Studio/Java so i have not done as extensive testing on iOS.

Would be glad of any assistance!
If i missed any information I will of course supply it.

Kind regards


Type Version
OS: macOS 10.15.7
Shell fish 3.1.0
Node 14.9.0
Yarn 1.22.5
Npm 6.14.8
Watchman 4.9.0
Android SDK
API Levels 28
Build Tools 28.0.3
Android Device
Model Pixel 2
Android version 9
Android Studio 4.0.1
Xcode 12.0.1
vsCode 1.41.1
expo ^38.0.0
react ~16.11.0
react-native 0.63.1
react-native-cli 2.0.1
expo-cli 3.27.14

I have now tried to run a bare minimum project.
I ran expo init with the tabs-template and then expo eject. I have the exact same issues on that project.
So the issue seems to be some setup on my system rather than the project.