Can't get iOS push notifications with expo

I’m having issues getting push notifications working.

In my apple account, I created an app for the ios version of my expo app, enabled push notifications for it, added both dev and prod p12 ssl certs to the app (These may not be needed), created a p8 key, and then created a distribution provisioning profile.

I then exported my main p12 distribution cert from my keychain to my expo app root directory, downloaded the p8 key and added it to my expo app root directory, and downloaded the provisioning profile and also added it to my expo app root directory.

Then I cleared my expo build credentials with expo build:ios --clear-credentials and ran expo build:ios. After this I manually added my p12, p8, and provisioning profile.

Still no pushes showing up in my iOS app when opened via the expo app.

Any suggestions?

Hi @wen-kai,

You only need to provide credentials for a standalone app. If you’re trying to incorporate push notifications in an app that is being run through the Expo Client, you’re all set from the get-go.

Tough to say why it isn’t working without more information. You can look at this example to see it implemented and maybe that will help to debug

Let me know if that helps,

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