Can't get Hermes Debugger (RN) in Flipper and EAS Build to work!

Managed Workflow.
eas-cli/0.54.1 darwin-x64 node-v16.15.1

Hello. I’m trying to get the Hermes Debugger (RN) inside Flipper and an EAS development client to work. I’m using a stock create-expo-app app, with “hermes” jsEngine.

On the iOS side of things, it I can pause on breakpoints (see first screenshot), but then if I bring up the development client’s debug menu (longpress with three fingers), Flipper immediately shows only “ENOENT: no such file or directory…” (see second screenshot). After this, I cannot get the Hermes Debugger to operate correctly until I quit and restart (not reload) the development client.

What am I doing wrong? How can I reload the iOS app and have the Hermes Debugger still work with it?

On Android, I can’t even get to the Hermes Debugger, and get the error message (see third screenshot): “Metro is connected but no Hermes apps were found.” I have confirmed that the development client is definitely using the hermes jsEngine. What am I doing wrong here?

How can I get the Hermes Debugger to work with Android at all?

As far as I know the answer is… it doesn’t work.
I try every month or so to see if things have changed and they don’t.

@gollyjer thank you for your reply. What do you use instead?

Sadly… console.log()

hi there!

flipper error in hermes debugger after opening dev-menu

there are some hermes incompatible issues from upstream and should be fixed in expo sdk 47. before sdk 47, you could just reload the app to make it work. we should have added the hint in the dev-menu: [dev-menu] Show information about needed app reload before debugging while using Hermes by lukmccall · Pull Request #17701 · expo/expo · GitHub

android flipper

i found the flipper version shipped in react-native (0.125.0) is incompatible with the latest flipper client (0.173.0). if you are using expo-community-flipper, you could try to add the synced version in app.json.

if that didn’t work for you, please try to have a minimal reproducible example and i’ll try to repro and follow up. thanks!

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