Can't figure out how to publish live

I can’t seem to get my app to update live.

I’m only on the play store right now so the steps I’m taking are

  1. exp build:android
  2. exp publish

I have successfully published updates in the past. Not sure why it’s not working this time. When I visit the expo app page it works. For reference, the app is here:

Not sure what the next steps are in debugging and would appreciate any help!

I get this when trying to upload a new APK:

I’m not interested in detaching if possible to avoid. It feels after previous non-expo based apps like OTA updates are a HUGE advantage.

see the point about versioncode here:

hello! you are using the default and recommended configuration:

  "updates": {
    "fallbackToCacheTimeout": 0

this means that updates will be downloaded in the background when you start the app, then when you restart the app it’ll take effect. maybe you’re on a slow internet connection so it’s taking a while to download, so you may need to start the app and wait a bit then restart


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