can't eject EXPO to bare workflow

I’ve spent my whole day trying to just run ‘expo eject’ with no luck. It’s been stuck on ‘Applying Android Configuration’ for 3 hours. pls help

below is the output from my Terminal.

Current expo version: SDK 37

$ expo eject

Your git working tree is clean

To revert the changes after this command completes, you can run the following:

git clean --force && git reset --hard

✔ App configuration (app.json) updated.

✔ Created native project directories (./ios and ./android) and updated .gitignore.

✔ Updated package.json and added index.js entry point for iOS and Android.

✔ Installed JavaScript dependencies.

⚠️ iOS configuration applied with warnings that should be fixed:

- supportsTablet: You will need to configure this in the "General" tab for your project target in Xcode.

- icon: This is the image that your app uses on your home screen, you will need to configure it manually.

- splash: This is the image that your app uses on the loading screen, we recommend installing and using expo-splash-screen. Details. (​​)

⠋ Applying Android configuration
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I am having the same exact issue with Expo 37. Not sure if eject was complete or not.

Please get latest expo-cli and it fixed this issue.

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indeed this is resolved! thanks @sharadrbfor following up.

if you run into this, please update to latest expo-cli. if somehow that doesn’t fix it, please file an issue with as much information as possible on GitHub - expo/expo-cli: Tools for creating, running, and deploying universal Expo and React Native apps