Can't download tar builds from Expo CLI

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In order to run e2e tests its necessary for me to download the simulator builds from expo before I install them on my iOS simulator. I can download these tar files manually from the build page via the download button, but I cannot find a way to download the build using Expo CLI.

I had guessed that publish details might include the download link, but no such luck.

my attempt,

expo publish:history -p ios -c test-v1 --count 1 --raw | jq ".queryResult[0].publicationId" | xargs expo publish:details --publish-id

Is there any way to get the link I need from Expo CLI?

it looks like you are maybe confusing publish with build – publish is an over the air update, build is the process of creating a standalone app binary. when you run expo build:ios -t simulator the url that points to the resulting archive will be printed to stdout when it completes

Right, but I don’t want to build. The build is already complete, I just want to fetch the url for a build that has already completed.

I think my issue is the same as this one which was closed without a reply Can I get the artifact url after 'expo:build' using terminal/CLI?

Hey @buckmaxwell, you should be able to use expo url:ipa or expo url:apk to fetch the download url for the binaries respectively.

That would be nice, but that command doesn’t seem to support arguments. Are there any I don’t know about? I need to get the last ipa from a specific release channel.

I will also say, while the normal builds for iOS are indeed .ipa the simulator builds are .tar.gz. Not a big deal, but the important thing is to be able to download each of them.

you can use a webhook to save the url to somewhere on your end and then fetch that value.

eas build has a command called eas build:list that lets you list builds, and eas build:show [build-id] to find recent builds. we don’t plan on backporting these to the classic build system. it sounds like in this context you’d still want a way to find filter by types, so you could find the latest build for simulator.

anyhow, you can use build webhooks to save the url to the simulator build somewhere, then access that whenever you need.

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