Can't download my Android keystore from the Expo servers

I created an expo app in Oct 2021 with the option to create a new Android Keystore and store it on the expo servers.

Everything has been working well since then. I can use EAS to build and sign the Android binary.

Recently we transferred the app to a new developer who needs the Android Keystore. I tried to download it with this command:

expo fetch:android:keystore

But it errors with:

Accessing credentials for in project abcd
There is no valid Keystore defined for this app

I get the same error with the command expo fetch:android:upload-cert.

PS: expo cli version 6.0.5.

That would fetch a keystore for the classic build system. If you’re using EAS Build then you should use the following:

eas credentials -p android

or else go here:


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@wodin That works. Thanks!

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