Can't create new project

I’ve installed expo on windows,
I’ve tried to create project from template several times but it just hangs out on either “Downloading Project Files” or “Extracting Files” or gives me following error :
“EPERM: operation not permitted, access ‘C:\Users\shabbir.expo\starter-app-cache\blank-20.0.1.tar.gz’”

I’ve tried to run expo as administrator as well but still same problem
I’ve also tried creating project after clearing xde cache but the issue persists.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hmm, for some reason, it seems like our script is looking inside C:\Users\shabbir.expo\... when we meant to look in C:\Users\shabbir\.expo\... (note the extra \).

We’ll look into it and see if there’s a bug on our end. In the meantime, I think you should just be able to manually unzip C:\Users\shabbir\.expo\starter-app-cache\blank-20.0.1.tar.gz to wherever you want, and use the result as your new project.

how can i do that?? i’m really new use this
please help me
where i must download that zip and where i must put it??

@w-key how did you solve your problem?.

hey @w-key, looks like you need to navigate to that directory on your computer using the file browser on windows (make sure you enable showing hidden files in the file browser), then unzip the file.

Due to the type of file it is, you should be able to right click and unzip or just double click to unzip and it will make a folder. Now you should be able to open that folder in expo and it will be your project directory.

im getting the same error, it downloads the files with weird permissions, that even as admin i cant view or change