Can't connect to PC


I’m having trouble loading to expo app my project.

Yesterday everything worked fine, but now i get different errors.

When i try to connect to the project it seems to to load from 0-100% the js bundle but then i get different red messages saying things like connection lost, connection to xxx timed out, are you running node proxy? …

I also set by mistake somewhere i don’t remember exactly where was it to open the debugger in chrome, how do i cancel it?

Debugging mode is set from the dev menu if you shake your phone. Try turning that off when diagnosing issues like this and reduce the number of things that could be going wrong.

I formatted my pc hoping it will fix the problem, but it didn’t.

When i connect using LAN instead of tunnel then when the js build makes it to 100% it gets stucked while it says Downloading Javascript bundle…
until it says that connection lost.
it happens both on ios and android.

Any ideas?

Can you tell us anything else about your development environment? What do you have installed on your windows box? Are you using a VPN? Is this on a home or work network?

I’m developing on Windows 10, no VPN, home network.

I found out that when i connect my PC into a hotspot from my mobile phone it works, but with low quality because it’s 3g.
I’m talking to my ISP to try to work it out, because 3 days ago everything was working fine and nothing changed since then.
They will try to upgrade my router’s firmwire, but i doubt it will work.

Is there anything else i can try to do by my own on this issue?

On may 29th, a couple of users tried running XDE as an administrator and their problems went away.

Tried to do so too and i got the same result.

when i connect on LAN it starts building the JS and then it’s stucked on "Downloading JavaScript bundle…"
And of course i tried to use all the available protocols.

My ISP upgraded the router firmwire and it didn’t help too.