Can't connect to dev server

I’m getting an intermittent “red box” screen, with various messages related to not being able to connect to the development server. Additionally, when I run the project using the XDE, it opens 2 Debugger tabs in Chrome.

I can share the repo/project via PM/email/etc, but the project is not public.

Can you paste some of the error messages? Are you trying to run it on a physical device or a simulator? If you’re using a physical device you need to make sure you’re using a tunnel url, not localhost or LAN.

I’m using the iOS Simulator, with exp protocol and host set to LAN. After closing the Simulator and XDE, I tried to start the project and I’m now getting the following error after trying to use the “Open on iOS Simulator” feature:

Error running xcrun simctl openurl booted exp://localhost:19000: An error was encountered processing the command (domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain, code=60):
The operation couldn’t be completed. Operation timed out
Operation timed out

If I open the Expo client manually on the Simulator and click on my project, the bundle builds and the Expo client hangs at “Opening Project…”

Are there any error messages in the left pane of xde? it sounds like the packager is having a hard time running your project for some reason

It seems I get this problem too. While I trying to open ios simulator

It seems the app is open, but can’t connect to expo , any idea?