Can't build working Android apk by using plain new application structure

So you expect to build mobile apps with this kind of … disappointed.

  1. expo init PlainApp - create for me plain application without ant dependencies (Expo)
  2. using expo start works ok.
  3. based on documentations added just this extra thing in for app.json:

“ios”: {
“bundleIdentifier”: “com.limfas.limfasplain”
“android”: {
“package”: “com.limfas.limfasplain”,
“permissions”: [""]

  1. I published it.
  2. Then hit expo build:android
  3. .apk was built.
  4. Testing it on 2 emulators - Genymotion and Nox but .apk is not installing/opening.

Tired of trying really disappointed, how should I rely on this kind of tooling and technologies building production-ready applications? Or did I missed something?

Hey @limfixitas,

Sorry you are experiencing these issues. From your post, it sounds like you are performing all the proper steps. What SDK version are you building for? Have you been able to try running the .apk file on a physical device by chance?



Hello @adamjnav,

Expo SDK version - 32.0.0
I set up Android Studio and a virtual android device looks like now its ok.
It could be something wrong with previous emulators (I assume) that I used. Could be related to Android OS versions in those emulators but this is only my assumption.
Unfortunately, I had no chance to check on a real device but on the new emulator, it looks like working (Android 9.0 Pie).

Btw. sorry for being a bit rude in a first message.

Got it. Emulators can be tricky beasts to manage. Glad things are working ok. Apology accepted! I understand things can get extremely frustrating at times.

All the best,


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