Cannot upload to AppStore after enabling Associated Domains


I changed the app.json to support branch universal links by adding ios.associatedDomains as suggested in the doc [0]. I enabled associated domains on Apple’s Developer Portal for my app id as well. But now when I try to upload a new build with Application Loader I get this error:

ERROR ITMS-90163: “Invalid Code Signing Entitlements. The entitlements in your app bundle signature do not match the ones that are contained in the provisioning profile. The bundle contains a key that is not included in the provisioning profile: ‘’ in ‘Payload/’.

I tried a few things like deleting certificates/provisioning profiles hoping that they’ll be created automatically by rebuilding but this didn’t happen.

Any ideas on how to tackle this problem?



Same here. Followed the instructions multiple times. Cleaned, deleted everything and started again just as above. Out of ideas atm

Eventually got this working, pretty sure my original mistake was not enabling Associated Domains on my App ID, before I first ran expo build:ios.


  • Deleted everything expo created from
  • Make sure App ID has Associated Domains enabled
  • expo build:ios -c

should do it

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Yes. My problem was that I needed to clear the certificates from Expo servers. It wasn’t enough to remove them from Apple’s.

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