Cannot Transfer iOS App - Passbook Integration API In use

It appears that I am having the same issue as the one described here (now closed due to inactivity) : Apple - App Transfer Rejected - Passbook Integration API

In short, I have published an app build to the iOS app store some time ago and now need to transfer it to another app store account. When I initiate the transfer, I get this screen:

It reads:

You can’t transfer this app because of the following reasons:
Passbook Integration API In Use
You can only transfer apps that are not using the Passbook Integration API.

To my knowledge, my expo app is not taking advantage of any of the features that use the Passbook Integration API. Is there something I can put in my configuration so that the app build will not list that it uses the Passbook Integration API?

Hey @jdloya,

I see Eric responded to your email, but I also wanted to share this link regarding this situation:

Terribly sorry for the bad news,


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