Cannot run simple app on Android, Java error

I created a new Expo project a few days ago and am building a simple proof of concept. It runs fine on my iPhone 12, but will not run on my Android tablet or an Android emulator. It fails with the error “java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Boolean”. I made sure the latest version of Expo is on the tablet (supports SDK 40).

Twice on the Lenovo tablet running Android 7.1.1, I got the error screen as well as a window that showed the app as if it were running, but the TouchableOpacity components were not clickable, and the app did not respond in any way, while it has been running fine on iOS. Most of the time I get just the error screen and the app does not appear at all.

I have a screenshot of the error stack but don’t see a place for attachments in this forum.