Cannot read properties file of undifined (reading 'transformFile') // EAS Build failed


I finished to made my app with Expo (bare workflow app), so i want to publish it to AppStore, but have some errors with build.

First of all, I made an “Expo build:ios”, it works, but once the app is on TestFlight, it’s stuck on the Splashscreen (I use expo-splashscreen).

So i made a new build with eas, and the build failed on “Run FastLane” with the error :

Metro encoutered an error:
Cannot read properties file of undifined (reading ‘transformFile’)

I got the error on dev environnement, but delete node_modules and yarn install works to counter this error.
I did not find any topics that talked about this bug during the build

I change my Node version to : 16.14.1, 14.18.0, 16.13.0.
I tried to change my metro-config.js, but it does not work.

My eas-cli version : eas-cli/0.52.0 darwin-arm64 node-v16.13.0.

Note: it works fine on PlayStore with an “Expo build:android”.

Thanks in advance