Cannot open debug menu anymore on Android

I recently ejected to ExpoKit, and after several days of just working in iOS, I opened my app in an Android emulator. Eventually I discovered that I could no longer bring up the debug menu. Cmd-M didn’t work, Ctrl-M didn’t work (though on a mac, I’m not sure it’s supposed to), adb shell input keyevent 82 didn’t work. Same results on the official emulator and Genymotion.

I updated expo-cli to the latest version, and I verified that the Cmd-M shortcut works as expected outside my app - i.e. from the homescreen, Cmd+M brings up this:

Without this, I’m having a really hard time debugging, since the app seems stuck in the state where “Debug Remote JS” is off.

Any help or troubleshooting steps would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I just remembered that, before I ejected, the Expo app would always ask me to go into Settings and enable “Display over other apps”, which didn’t happen with my ejected app. I went into settings and enabled this…

…and the problem remains. :confused:

Sigh. Apparently my packager was in prod mode? adb logcat showed __DEV__ === false, even though I didn’t run expo start with --no-dev this time. (I had run it somewhat recently. Apparently it sets a flag that needs to be reset with --dev, which was not clear to me; I thought --dev was the default.)

So, after running expo start -c --dev, I have my precious dev menu back. :expressionless: