Cannot open app via notification from killed state

Trying to open an app from a killed via React Navigation, using the example from the docs (Notifications - Expo Documentation). Notifications.getLastNotificationResponseAsync(); is always returning null. Is this a versioning problem? looks like this was an issue in the past.

Expo v42
expo-notifications": “~0.12.3”,

const response = await Notifications.getLastNotificationResponseAsync();
console.log(“response”, response)
console.log("from closed " + prefix + “postingDescription/” + response?
return response ? prefix + “postingDescription/” + response? : null

Hey @rowellscott, can you share what platform(s) and OS version(s) you’ve reproduced this on?


Android simulator - Nexus 5x API 28 2 - Android 9.0

Moto G6 - Android 9.0

Bigger question, is the fix backwards compatible on older versions of Android/iOS?

Let me know if need anything else

I vaguely remember having the same issue. Instead of “Notifications.getLastNotificationResponseAsync” I used the Notifications.useLastNotificationResponse() hook which I remember worked.