Cannot initiate bare workflow project with typescript

I`m trying to initiate expo bare workflow with typescirpt.

But after I type “expo init [project name]” in command window,

I cannot find minimal(typescirpt) option.

Dose anyone know solution?


These days you can easily set up TypeScript afterwards. So create the minimal project and then create an empty tsconfig.json and run expo start:

$ touch tsconfig.json
$ expo start
Starting project at /private/tmp/test1
Developer tools running on http://localhost:19002
✔ It looks like you're trying to use TypeScript but don't have the required
dependencies installed. Would you like to install typescript, @types/react,
@types/react-native? … yes

  Installing typescript@~4.0.0, @types/react@~16.9.35, @types/react-native@~0.63.2

TypeScript: A tsconfig.json has been auto-generated

OMG You saved me
thank you so much

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