Cannot implement LocationNotificationTrigger

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  1. SDK Version:39
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS

I’m trying to implement a location based notification. The Expo-Notification documentation mention LocationNotificationTrigger, however, it is not clear how to schedule such notification.

from this post: LocationNotificationTrigger for local notification it seems that expo don’t support LocationNotificationTrigger.

What am I missing?
in what way LocationNotificationTrigger is supported? (and if it doesn’t, what the point of having it in the documentation?).

another suggestion made by @charliecruzan is to use Expo-Location Geofencing Methods. Unfortunately, so far I haven’t been able to get reliable and consistent results with it. Googling this issue just led me to more and more people that struggle with it.

@charliecruzan - can you provide feedback?

Expo does support LocationNotificationTriggers on iOS, I’ll edit my answer on that older forum post now :slight_smile:

If it’s not working for you, the best way to get help is to share the code you’re trying to use that isn’t working

Thank you @charliecruzan for your quick response!

here is the code I’m using:

        content: {
          title: "Test notification 2",
          body: "body test",
        trigger: {
          type: "location",
          repeats: true,
          region: {
            type: "circular",
            identifier: "testnotification",
            notifyOnEntry: true,
            notifyOnExit: true,
            radius: 50,
            center: {
              latitude: 40.1234,
              longitude: -80.1234,
      }).then((string) => console.log(string));
      Notifications.getAllScheduledNotificationsAsync().then((value) =>

and this is the log I receive:

Array [
  Object {
    "content": Object {
      "attachments": Array [],
      "badge": null,
      "body": "body test",
      "categoryIdentifier": "",
      "data": Object {
        "experienceId": "#############",
      "launchImageName": "",
      "sound": null,
      "subtitle": null,
      "summaryArgument": "",
      "summaryArgumentCount": 0,
      "targetContentIdentifier": null,
      "threadIdentifier": "",
      "title": "Test notification 2",
    "identifier": "89892472-18f5-4e51-b441-d22329a390d3",
    "trigger": Object {
      "class": "UNCalendarNotificationTrigger",
      "dateComponents": Object {
        "calendar": "iso8601",
        "isLeapMonth": false,
        "timeZone": null,
      "repeats": true,
      "type": "calendar",

As you can see, the code does schedule a notification, but with UNCalendarNotificationTrigger as class (clearly not UNLocationNotificationTrigger as I thought I should expect).

What am I missing? Is there a different way to schedule a Local Notification?
Thanks ahead!

ah you know what, now reading the relevant code I can see that the Location notification trigger on iOS is only meant for Mac Catalyst. Although this does reveal a bug in expo-notification- it should return an error if you try to schedule a notification type that isn’t supported. I can open an issue for that

Thanks again for the quick response. Too bad it is not supported…
Hopefully it will be supported in the future.

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