Cannot download or get search result for 'expo' in Google Play store

I’ve been developing an application for my company using expo and needed to test push notifications for Android. My company got a tablet specifically for this purpose but it is unable to download the app for some reason. If I search for ‘expo’ in the Google Play store, the app does not show up. If I try to download from a web browser, I am also unable to do that. If I click to open the page IN Google Play FROM the web browser, I get an error page.

The tablet is brand new and has 385BG of available storage, so that’s not the issue, and it’s running Android version 9.0, so it’s not that either. Is there any reason why I would be unable to download the app on this tablet? Is there any settings I can change to make it work? If not, is there a recommend kind of Android device would be able to use the expo app?

Strange, I had expo on my device and after factory reset in play store it says expo is not available for your device…

You could try connecting to the device via USB cable and running expo client:install:android

I manage to install it ,but after app loading its shows blank screen

Does a newly created app work? (i.e. use expo init to create a new app just to make sure that it works before you start troubleshooting.)

Then look at the following to see how to debug what is wrong with your real app:

If you can’t find the error by doing the above, run expo --version and expo diagnostics and send us the output along with what you found while going through the above debugging processes.

I mean expo go app shows blank screen

You seem to have ignored my comment. Also it is not clear to me exactly when the “expo go app shows a blank screen”.

I mean the official expo go app doesn’t open on my device so that I can’t scan qr code and connect my physical device. Sorry for inconvenience