Cannot connect to google's android emulator on port 19000

I created the basic app using create-react-native-app and use the Expo XDE to load the project and start it on a running Google Android Emulator instance. It works fine. If it could get watchman to rebuild and redisplay the GUI, ideally while preserving state, then it would be Excellent… but no luck so far.

So i type ‘a’ to bring up the emulator and the echo client app is started in it. But it cannot reach exp://:19000. Perhaps it’s an issue with the emulator networking.

I get the feeling this is probably a FAQ, but so far i haven’t found an answer that works in this particular situation. Any help appreciated - thanks!

ok… got back to it. The problem appears to be that Expo assumes that the emulator can see the packer/Expo development server. Like many developers, I’m running on an ISP connection which means that I can’t easily run a server which is visible to the outside world so the Expo client has to run in the same network. The problem is that the emulator running the client sees my VPN and uses it to send traffic out onto the internet… which knows nothing about 192.168.* addresses and, even if it did, couldn’t get to my server because the ISP would block it.

So i (temporarily) turned my VPN off. Now the emulator isn’t redirected and sees the servers.

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