Cannot build IOS : AccessForbiddenError


I’m trying to use EAS and build on iOS platform.
For the moment my build on Android is working and I have no problem during the build.
I never builded my app with EXPO cli. IDK if it’s important to build it with EXPO command before EAS.

I used that command (On my WINDOWS pc) to try the build : eas build -p ios

The script ask me if I want to connect to the Apple Developer account, so I write my id’s.
But after that the command look like to timeout on a specific access but I don’t know what’s the real problem.

On, I added the credentials configurations with p12 files and mobileprovision without any problems.
So I have an Apple Developper Team ID linked, and in Build Credentials → App Store Build, I have my Apple Distribution Certificate and Apple Provisioning Profile.

Is my error came from my credentials configurations, or the problem is linked to my Apple Developer account and I haven’t the right access ?

I can show you my eas.json file or some other files of my project if needed.


hi there! sorry for the late reply. it seems that this error was coming from apple, so either:

  • apple’s servers were having some issues
  • your apple account did not have the correct permissions

Apple also updated their developer program license agreement recently: