Cancel or delete a scheduled notification from server

I need to cancel a scheduled notification sent from my backend server with the expo-server-sdk-node, because it’s a reminder notification about a scheduled appointment that can be canceled by the appointment’s service provider.

I already do it easily with OneSignal at my other project, but I don’t want to eject this one to keep it simpler.

I also thought about checking if the appointment is not canceled before alerting the user, but expo does not have a event to handle notifications received in background.

Is there anything I can do without ejecting my app? Thanks!!

You can’t cancel a remote push notification, but you can cancel local scheduled notifications. If you want to run code before your app shows a remote push notification that it’s received, then you’ll need to eject

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So there is nowhere to scape, thank you for the quick reponse! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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