Can you use Fastlane and Expo together?

I have created a non-native app that I want to deploy to the App Store. I want to use Fastlane to do it (unless there’s some other way). I can create the .app file no problem.
Now all I need to do is, as the documentation says, “submit the application bundle to the App Store” (no explanation as to how).
I’ve submitted apps to the App Store before from XCode, but React/Expo doesn’t use XCode and doesn’t create an XCode project unless you eject, which I don’t need to do.
I tried using Fastlane which (after long last I learned) doesn’t work unless it is inited with a XCode project.
Is there anything I am missing? Do I need to Eject? Is there some other tool besides Fastlane to do this? Is there a way to create an XCode project with my finished .app file only, and just work with that in XCode to deploy?

Thanks for your help.

Hi there, have you seen:


Yep. Followed those instructions exactly. Fastlane dies when it goes to upload the app. The error indicates Fastlane init has not been run, but Fastlane init cannot be run unless there is an xcode proj.

Okay, here’s the solution.
You need to create the app in iTunes Connect first. While this is sorta obvious in hindsight, there’s really no way of knowing whether or not Fastlane would create the App shell for you or not. A single line of documentation here would save some developers hours here.


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