Can you restore support for version 21

My code breaks if i upgrade to expo sdk version 22
And Since my standalone apks fail with a message telling me that version 21 is not supported, im trapped
So is there any way to build apps with sdk 21 or restore support for it ?

I have the same issue. Any reply from support please?

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Hey @essamtarik & @ongilgil,

Unfortunately we are a very small team and can’t afford the overhead of maintaining support for more SDKs than our current amount. The current support lifespan for an SDK is ~9 months. SDK21 was released in September of '17 for example. We are exploring options on increasing the support lifespan such as extending our SDK release cycle from our regular 4 week cadence to 6 weeks. We’ve started to implement that starting with the release of SDK28.

We are more than happy to provide support by answering any questions or addressing any issues you have while upgrading SDK versions. Also, a quick reminder that if you haven’t already, I would make sure you are subscribed to our blog so you don’t miss any SDK announcements, especially those regarding SDK deprecations.

To succinctly answer your initial questions @essamtarik: There is no way to create new SDK21 builds and support won’t be restored for it. Your best bet is to upgrade, ideally to one of the more recent SDKs such as 26 -28 which will give you a nice buffer so you don’t have to worry about deprecation for a while and like I mentioned above, we’re more than happy to help you out with your upgrading process. We recommend upgrading incrementally so you can more easily narrow down any problems you encounter.

Here is the guide for upgrading to SDK 22:



Ok, for future viewers with the same problem AND DON’T WANT TO UPGRADE, I have come to the following workarounds

1- If you already have a built standalone app (built earlier), then you don’t need a new standalone app, just publish your code using: exp publish
and your apk will fetch the updates, you can keep using the same standalone app

2- If you don’t already have a previously built standalone app then do the following

  1. take a copy of your project folder
  2. in the project copy, detach from expo
  3. publish your code
  4. build your detached copy using android studio or Xcode, and you’ll have a standalone app
  5. then you can get back to your original (undetached) version and continue development

Thanks man. This works!

“expo publish” works perfectly for both of my published standalone ios and android app.

Then I read the “publishing” partof doc. This is the function of publish “over the air” function supported by Expo.

Expo has done a great job! Thank you.

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