Can we eject back to Managed Workflow from the bare workflow?

I was initially working in the managed workflow and then ejected to the Bare workflow, just to understand and explore it better. I could dive into the Android and iOS folders, etc…
But now I want to get back to the Managed workflow. How do I do that?
I tried the expo eject command but it happened to eject me back to the Bare workflow. How do I switch back to the managed workflow?

you can revert the change if you’re using git - this is why we warn you to commit before running eject :slight_smile: otherwise, rm -rf ios android and npm uninstall react-native-unimodules


Let’s say the project was ejected a year ago, & now I want to revert back after many changes just deleting the android & ios folder & uninstalling react-native-unimodules take us back to managed workflow?

I am ok if I lose OTA, and expo builds service.

Yes, as long as there’s no native code you need to keep, that should be fine and you will not have to give up OTA or Expo’s build service :slight_smile:

Fortunately, these days with EAS Build you can even still make use of custom native code that’s not included in Expo! Sometimes you’ll need a config plugin to make it work.

But I would suggest creating a new project using expo init and comparing all of the config files etc. with your app to see if there’s anything else that it makes sense to change.

And of course this is safe to try, because you just need to make sure that everything is committed in Git before you uneject. Then if anything goes wrong you can get back to where you are now and try again.

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