can we build xcarchive in ios?

can we build xcarchive in ios?

Hi @keung7251

I believe an xcarchive is built automatically when you create an iOS build with the preview or production profiles, but it does not get made available after the build process. If you check the “Run fastlane” log on the build page you should see something like this:

$ set -o pipefail && xcodebuild -workspace ./deps.xcworkspace -scheme deps -configuration Release -destination 'generic/platform=iOS' -archivePath /Users/expo/Library/Developer/Xcode/Archives/2023-02-01/deps\ 2023-02-01\ 14.30.23.xcarchive archive | tee /Users/expo/workingdir/logs/deps-deps.log > /dev/null

Could you elaborate on why you want it? If it’s for the dSYMs, then those seem to get zipped after the build:

Compressing 1 dSYM(s)
$ cd '/Users/expo/Library/Developer/Xcode/Archives/2023-02-01/deps 2023-02-01 14.30.23.xcarchive/dSYMs' && zip -r '/Users/expo/workingdir/build/ios/build/' *.dSYM
▸   adding: (stored 0%)
▸   adding: (stored 0%)
▸   adding: (stored 0%)
▸   adding: (stored 0%)
▸   adding: (deflated 72%)
▸   adding: (deflated 52%)
Successfully exported and compressed dSYM file

and you can get EAS Build to make it available to you by specifying the buildArtifactPaths in eas.json. e.g.:

    "production": {
      "ios": {
        "buildArtifactPaths": ["ios/build/*"]

Then you can download them from the build page by clicking on the Options button:

Screenshot of Options menu

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