Can we automate EAS submit from CI (Github Actions) of EAS build? is there any alternative to Serviceaccountkeypath?

we are using managed workflow

  • our eas-cli version 2.2.1

  • i have used this command in yml file for automating build and submit
    eas build --profile stage --platform all --auto-submit --non-interactive
    and gave Serviceaccountkeypath as github secret with is not picking it up.
    is there any alternative to Serviceaccountkeypath.

  • name: Setup Expo and EAS
    uses: expo/expo-github-action@v7
    expo-version: 6.0.5
    eas-version: latest
    token: ${{ secrets.EXPO_TOKEN }}
    serviceAccountKeyPath: xxx.json
    - name: Install dependencies
    run: npm i
    - name: Build on EAS
    run: eas build --profile stage --platform all --auto-submit --non-interactive
    serviceAccountKeyPath: xxx.json

yes, that field is optional