Can the iOS Expo app prevent debugging when dev mode is turned off?

A week ago, I upgraded to Expo 22. Per the release notes, I was testing with dev mode turned off to make sure the whole “” thing wasn’t an issue for me. I forgot I had done this and moved onto other things. This morning, I was trying to debug in iOS, and every time my bundle finished loading, the debugger would peg the processor and effectively freeze. I spent several hours debugging this- turning off a feature here and there in my code, scouring app.json, etc., only to finally realize that dev mode was off (as indicated quite subtly in string spewed out to the console just before the debugger would freeze).

If I did most of my debugging in Android, I might have figured this out sooner, as dev mode disables the “shake” menu entirely. Obviously, that menu shouldn’t be disabled entirely on iOS, but I was thinking, maybe it would be nice if it disabled the debug in Chrome option in the shake menu when dev mode is off (because it doesn’t really work).


Good idea, I’m tracking it here: