Can I use the same APN in both FCM and Expo Push API?

I have an existing app already set up using FCM to send push notifications to both Apple and Android devices. I recently built v2 of my app using Expo and would like to start using Expo’s Push API moving forward. My plan is to leave FCM in place for users who never upgrade to the new Expo version of the app. So, I’ll be storing both the FCM registration token and the Expo Push Token in my backend for each user, depending on which version of the app they’re using. Then, when I need to send a push notification, I’ll call the Expo Push API if an Expo Push Token is available (they’re on v2), otherwise I’ll call the FCM using the registration token (they’re on v1).

Any issues with this? Can I supply EAS with the same APN I’m currently using in FCM?