Can I use Expo logo for unofficial map for Expo engineers?

I have created my app with Expo!

This is a casual map creator for communication.

I just wanna create a community map, which show where expo engineers are located.
Can I use Expo logo for a header image for the map?
It is not for profitable purpose, but just hobby purpose to communicate with expo engineers.

Like this.

Hey @watarumapkid, we’re discussing this internally and will follow back with more when we have some actionable information for you.


Thank you for the consideration!

I got many things from expo services and this community for this app. I wanna show the appreciation to you all and promote expo community! Of course, I follow your suggestion for the improvement and restrictions.
I plan to create sdk to expose the map to other site. So You can use that as your own inner contents.

How is the progress? Probably this is the difficult right problem.

Can I start the map without logo?


You have permission to use the logo on this project.

Please make sure to use it in a context and in a way that doesn’t cause confusion and make people think it’s something Expo made or maintains.


Got it, thanks!

I will clearly say “unofficial expo map for fun”:grin:

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