Can I support classic expo publish at the same time as trying out eas update?


We have an established app available on the App and Play Stores which we built using the original expo tools. So I recently published a new version of the Javascript and app users are picking up the update as usual. However, I’ve noticed that users have to restart the app once or twice before the update is actually installed. Some of our users don’t do that for weeks.

I now want to migrate our app to SDK 47 and EAS Update. I see I need to change eas.json and configure our project to use the eas tools. Will this stop my current production users from downloading the current latest classic build?


Hi @jumptech,

The eas.json file doesn’t allow dynamic configuration and there are some fields like releaseChannel and channel which are exclusive, so you can’t use both of the same at the same time. You’ll have to manually switch between these fields in your code to switch between the two.

It won’t stop your current production users from downloading the current classic build, but with EAS, you’ll have to do the full EAS build first, and once that is complete, the latest build (which is not the EAS build) will be available on the store.

You can configure the updates to be downloaded after a reasonable time. You can use [fallbacktocachetimeout property in app.json file] (app.json / app.config.js - Expo Documentation). It accepts a value in milliseconds to allow for fetching OTA updates before falling back to a cached version of the app.