Can I push notification from my own server instead of Expo Server?It is nessary in China

I‘m a developer from China, and I’m very excited when I found expo to develop react native apps. But my question is that for most Android Phone sold in Chinese market, the system had been modify a lot, so there is no google service framework in it. Thus, GMS doesn’t work too. But Expo push notification to Android devices depends on GMS. So is there any way to push notification from my own server?

It does have many solution if I detach to ExpoKit, I just wonder is there any graceful solution without detach, such as run expo app in backround and establish a persistent connection with my own server?



same here, just want expo team know this is a very important need in china …

Unfortunately, not right now unless you detach and set it up yourself :confused:

Would be worthwhile to make a feature request for this at Feature Requests | Expo

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Hey @chinamcafee & @ivanzhang, I hope you’re doing well. How did you solve the push notification issue in China later?

@zephaniah same here, have you found such solutions?

@jimmy_edc No, I gave up. Also I found a post from this forum saying that third-party push notification service is not supported in expo unless you detach your app.