Can I provide my p8 certificate to turtle build:ios ?

I’ve set up a CI pipeline in AzureDeops using turtle and it’s working great.
However I had a question, I don’t see how I can pass in any details regarding my p8 certificate?

turtle build:ios \
  --team-id YOUR_TEAM_ID \
  --dist-p12-path /path/to/your/dist/cert.p12 \
  --provisioning-profile-path /path/to/your/provisioning/profile.mobileprovision

Am I missing something here? Or will it just use my p8 correctly due to the fact that I’m passing in the expo creds?

push notification key is not used during build. It’s used to authenticate expo server with APNS.
You need to upload it to expo servers, it can be added with expo credential:manager

Ok great thanks, expo already has my p8 so I guess I’m good then.

Thanks for your help :+1:

I just want to clarify. It’s not enough that push notifications key is uploaded, it needs to be linked to app with the same experience name as the one build using turtle-cli. expo credential:manager should show that when listing all credentials for the account.

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