Can I make a Snack private? Also deleted Snacks show up in search results

I created a few sample projects as Snacks only to realize later these are in the public searchable list. Is it possible for me to create a Snack that is NOT searchable?

On that topic, I found that Snacks that I have deleted and no longer have in my profile section still show in the search and other people can see.

Hi @phillipofferboxx,

From the beginning, saved snacks have been public by design. We hope that Snack can be a place where someone newer to the ecosystems can come and learn from the projects you have created.

As we announced here, we are working on allowing for private snacks, but that work is not yet ready for you to use.



Oh, good to know. I dove in so fast I did not read about that.

So for the Snacks I have deleted from my account that are still available, is that be design also?

And then anything I do develop on my own using Expo CLI and the other tools like Developer Services, that code is not made public in any way?

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