Can I make a PWA for internal distribution with Expo?

  1. SDK Version: 45
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Web

I would like to distribute a small app to my team, but I don’t want it hosted at a publicly accessible URL as I don’t want to have to build an auth system for it.

I was considering building an Electron app, but then the app isn’t accessible on mobile.

Is there a way to distribute a PWA built with expo that I can send to individuals for installation? Or perhaps make available to members of my Expo Organization?

Depends on what you mean by public URL, eas internal builds have a random id in url, so it should be safe unless you are afraid that someone with access would share that outside your team, but if this is a problem then any authentication system would also not catch that, because users could download it and send to someone else.

If you want to avoid any public access, you would need to build with eas build --local, host that file in some secure location behind VPN, all devices would have to tunnel inside that private network. In my opinion, this approach is not in any way more secure than how internal builds work out of the box.

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